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A Little Seed

The idea of living a lavishing life was first planted one Sunday as I heard a message about generosity. I was awakened to the possibility of a different kind of life as we were challenged to live generously open towards God and the people around us.  As I considered it, I realized how tightly I had held onto my children, my husband, our home, my affections, words, talents, and time, even my reputation. I'd been holding onto people and things, thinking that I could control our happiness and future. But what a sad and small way that was to live.

I find so much hope in Maya Angelou's quote, "I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."  As I’m learning to live a life of generosity and "do better," I'm finding there's so much more meaning and fulfillment in a life that's fully surrendered. There is abundant joy and peace, even in difficulty. As we live a lavishing life, others notice and respond, and we get to be a part of sharing the generous love that God has lavished on us.  When we choose this way of living, the little seed of generosity grows and multiplies, impacting lives in ways more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!  

Come and join me on this exciting adventure of living a lavishing life!

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