Hey there!

I'm so happy that you stopped by!  I wish we could share some of my favorite things, like a cuppa tea and a walk on the beach, but I’m thankful to have this space for us to connect.  I enjoy processing life through writing and love sharing what God’s Spirit reveals, while learning to live a life of trusting in Him. My hope is for you to discover truth that brings greater trust, love, and freedom as you read the narratives shared here.


I love how our pastor explains that we all have something to give.  He says, “As the family of God, we're all singing the same song of our Redeemer, but our stories are unique. Our stories are what we have to give to make a difference in the lives of others!”  

A Lavishing Life is a place for creative expression, an outlet for dreaming, and a space for sharing the stories of life. 


I'm so glad you're here!

My Story

My story starts with my momma praying for a second baby and not giving up until she was pregnant with me, fifteen years after my brother was born. Mom and I were given a 50/50 chance to live and I've received prophesy that confirmed that the enemy came against me in the womb. But my parents loved and trusted Jesus and prayed, and I'm thankful that they did, and that He chose to give me life! Mom and Dad followed God's leading to missions in Asia and that’s where I was born, a healthy little blondie in Singapore!

On our way back to the States I celebrated my fourth birthday and we soon settled in Panama City, Florida. My parents pastored there and I spent my growing up years playing around the pews of the church. Many of the narratives here hold my stories of brokenness, and restoration, and the thread of God's faithfulness along the way. My story, like yours, is made up of pain and promise, and part of my calling is to bring healing through the written word. 


A Little Deeper

Because of my foundation of faith, I’ve known Jesus since I was a little girl.  I wish I could say that I've stayed close to Him my whole life, but there were times when I went my own way.  I lived for myself and lacked a real relationship with Him. I’m left with some scars, but they remind me of the gift of redemption that I've been given. I’m so thankful for God’s mercy and forgiveness and for drawing me back.  He's the source of true life and I long to hear His voice, know Him more, and to follow where He leads.


When I finally had enough of my own way and grew hungry for more of Jesus, the Lord began to lead me in a very different direction. I  felt a stirring, not only spiritually, but also in my line of work. This restlessness enabled me to let go of teaching in the classroom and step into something new, without knowing what it would be. Although I was afraid to let go, the Lord helped me to release the lie that my worth was found in my work. (That’s a good story too!)

On a summer day after I stopped teaching my little Honeybees, I was walking over the Hathaway Bridge and I began to ask the Lord what was next. I was filled with anticipation and truly believed that He had something in mind, just for me. As I walked, the Lord showed me a picture of an antique school desk and began to inspire me to fully commit to studying and writing, and to honestly open my life, like a book for friends to read. The Lord was asking me to step out in faith and as I did, He was faithful to lead me each step of the way.  


That was the beginning of A Lavishing Life and God continues to lead me to do things that require me to step out in faith and stick close to Him. In this open-book kind of life, I'm learning and growing and finding that living in full surrender is a beautifully exciting and fulfilling place to be!

These Days

Many years have passed since John and I met in youth group at my parents' church in Panama City and had our first date at seventeen! Now we have three beautiful grown children, and a son in law, and love when they fill the house with laughter and fun. We live at the beach, where John and his family run Laguna Beach Christian Retreat. My days are filled with searching for the Lord and studying His Word, connecting with friends and family, and learning to open my heart and write as He leads me. Although I left the classroom five years ago, I'm still a teacher at heart and when a revelation knocks my socks off, it's a joy to pass it on! 

Together, John and I serve on the prayer team at our local church and especially enjoy opening our home to family and friends, new and old. We're excited and hopeful for the future and look forward to being a part of all that God has planned! Stay tuned for more exciting news about upcoming projects too!