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A New Year & BIG News

Happy 2020!

As I think back on this last year and take time to appreciate again the many gifts that have come from our Father's hands, at the top of my list is the connection shared with you through A Lavishing Life!  It's hard to believe that we will celebrate five years of proclaiming messages of hope, faith, and generosity this year! Thank you for being a part, for believing in me, and for helping to multiply the message of the Father's generous love!

This year is sure to hold more good gifts, as well as its share of challenges and trials. Through it all, let's hold fast to trusting the Lord and believing in his goodness. Let's remember his faithfulness. And let's live with appreciation for the kindness of our ever-close Savior and Lord!

I am thrilled to tell you about something special coming this's the BIG NEWS!! A book is in the works! After seeing a vision of a broken-down wall and having the meaning unfold over the following year, I received direction from the Holy Spirit to pen the message in a book! So I got to work, and after writing, and rewriting, and rewriting some more over the last year, the manuscript is now in the editor's hands! (Here I am in Colorado completing the last chapters of the book!)

The book is for those who, like me, have struggled with fear and insecurity. We've trusted in ourselves for long enough and it's time to transfer our trust to the Lord. To trust God, we need to know him. And the more we know him, the more we'll open our hearts to him and trust him with our lives. The understanding that the Lord has shown me through his Word and Spirit as I've diligently studied and written on this topic has taught me how to remove fear and rebuild my life on trust. I haven't mastered it yet, but I celebrate along the way as I'm learning to reject fear and choosing to trust much more often! You can look forward to hearing more in the coming months, but ultimately, the heart of the book will help you to:

  • Face your fears

  • Right your heart and receive restoration

  • Rebuild on a strong foundation

  • Defend your territory &

  • Know God as your empowering Protector, Peace, and Provision

I can't wait for you to read it and be encouraged! Please be praying with me for the Lord's good plans to be accomplished and for many lives to be touched for eternity through the message.

Much Love & Hope for a Wonder-filled Year! Denae


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