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Once Upon a Time, You Dreamed of Me


Daddy God, I am Your creation.  You created me in a place of intimacy; it was just You and just me.

My parents were the avenue to usher me into being, a family to steward me.  But You, God, You were the One who created me.

You used the DNA of my mother, my father, and the generations before to fashion me, but You knew me first.

Once upon a time, You dreamed of me.

You created me from a pure place; evil cannot be where You are.

Each cell was carefully chosen as I became Your design.

I cannot hate what You have created, for I am wonderfully made.  I am worth celebrating!


Just You and I were there in the quiet darkness of my creation, and that is where You smiled and breathed life into me.

The darkness does not scare me because where You are fear doesn’t exist.  Darkness is as light to You and there’s nowhere I can go that You aren’t with me.

You crafted me there, in the secret place.

You saw everything about me and thought, “Good.”  You were well pleased with what You had made.  There is nothing about me that you regret, nothing that You would have done differently.

There was no one like me, and You wanted me.  You chose me and You brought me into being.


In that moment of time, You saw all of my days – the end from the beginning


Papa, you knew the times I would fail, misunderstand, and You knew of each time I would hurt.  When I hurt, it caused You pain.

You saw my every emotion, every detail, all bundled up inside of me, before I was even on the earth.

I never surprise You, because You know me so well.

You planned good things for me from my very beginning, and are constantly working against evil and my own poor choices to work things out for my good.

You know just how I think and the influences of good and evil that have shaped my thoughts and colored my understanding.

Ever-wanting to renew my mind, You enlighten me to the knowledge that You are my personal God and intimate creator who shows me the way.

I release my understanding of You that was filtered through my experiences here on earth and I receive a truth that precedes my conception: I am created, chosen, and known by my Papa God.

My mistakes, failures, disappointments and experiences cannot take You away from me.

Once upon a time, You dreamed of me and I am forever Yours.


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