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Starting to Crack

How do we reach the essence of who we really are?

We attempt to make the outside match the inside through our various expressions, but do styles draped on the body really reveal the true measure of you, of me? We put on our Sunday best, a sweet smile, and even our southern slang, but nothing quite reaches in deep enough to bring the inside to the out. Doesn’t it at times seem false - the attempt to manufacture such an expression of divine spirit?

Why is the innermost self so often just out of reach? Is it possible to stop striving and linger alone long enough to let the inside naturally flow out? Maybe then we could get to know who we really are. Because aren’t we hungry to know the authentic?

Who are we trying to impress anyway? And why?

What if we met our spirit on a hillside, far from anything else, and laid out a picnic to just talk a while? Who would we encounter there, face to face with ourselves, free from bangles and titles, wallets and works?

Who were we in the beginning, when we were only just imagined, designed, and birthed by God in the heavens? What did that free, glorious expression look like? Who were we, first, before being touched and tainted by a world gone wrong?

What if all mirrors were broken? What if we didn’t care so much about the outside anymore, and instead, searched and valued more of the true one within?

What if we inquired of the One who made us and asked Him to reveal our inner child? What if we found and nurtured our uniqueness, apart from so much noise?

What if we separate from comparison and find value within ourselves and others, free from a perception of lack? Perhaps we need to just rightly look and see what we've already been given. Yes, we need to see what God sees.

Let's go there, let's meet with ourselves and Creator on that hillside. Let's liberate the inside to the out as we get to know the beloved child within. Meeting with Love himself, we'll live as seed and drink living water, feeding the potential of tree and flower and fruit within.

Because one day this dust will blow away and if we don't look and value and grow, then who will we find that’s left?

Jesus said, "Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!" (Matthew 13:45-46 NLT)


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