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“You Are Still Good” by La’Wana Harris

Her Positive Perspective

I’d like to share a book with you titled You Are Still Good, written by La’Wana Harris.  I began to look it over one Sunday afternoon and was immediately drawn into the story.  I didn’t put the book down until I had completed it that same afternoon.  Let me assure you, I’m not a quick reader!  La’Wana’s transparency and ability to craft her story of tragedy and hope, kept me drawn to each page until the end.  Her story and perspective is a gift of inspiration for readers.  She believes we can choose to see the goodness of God in every circumstance.

The story opens with La’Wana welcoming us into her family circle, and then explains the events of her seventeen-year-old daughter’s stroke.  La’Wana’s faith was challenged by the likely death of her young daughter, but the faith of this woman with deep conviction was not moved.  She chose to continue to believe in God’s goodness, in the midst of their family crisis.

God, You Are Still Good

I said out loud in a calm, resolute voice, ‘God, I don’t know if today is the day that you take my baby, but if it is, you are still good.’  When I said those words, the presence that I felt in the car became a presence inside me.  It was like I had an overwhelming inner sense of peace, of release, of almost joy at such a tragic moment, as inexplicable as that sounds.  I felt peace whether Jasmine was to live or die, whatever was to happen.  And from that moment, I continued to have a peace that truly does surpass all understanding.

Choosing to See God’s Goodness

This account is full of encouragement and truth from the word of God.  The wisdom shared comes straight from this godly woman’s heart and experience.  Her depth of faith has helped to strengthen my own understanding of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  We all have times that our faith is pressed to what seems to be our limits.  Yet, La’Wana is an example to us to continue to believe and hold onto our faith.  I’d love to share the story when my own faith was challenged during my father’s illness and eventual death.  You can read it here.

As I closed La’Wana’s story, I was inspired to remember to believe that God is still good, even when my heart is hurting.  The narrative has helped to deepen my understanding of what faith in God looks like during real-life heartache.  I trust that those of you who read You Are Still Good will experience a similar strengthening of faith after taking the journey into La’Wana Harris’ story of God’s goodness.

Check out La’Wana Harris’ website here.


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