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Feasting on Breadcrumbs

I want to let you in on a prayer of honesty before the Lord, a prayer that lays out what it feels like to follow Him, and in the end, how to be satisfied with whatever He chooses to give. Perhaps you'll relate and be encouraged by the discovery along the way.


An Honest Prayer

Lord, sometimes following you and learning your way is like walking on a path, looking for breadcrumbs. Crumbs that seem, at first, tiny enough for only a sparrow to see.

Insignificant and small. Perhaps not even worth picking up.

And yet I'm finding that when I kneel to the ground and touch the dirt and feel for one tiny morsel of bread - believing that you sent it from heaven just for me - that that very breadcrumb fills my belly and strengthens me to take the next step towards you.

Each daily step is moving me closer to Home, to finding the way that you've marked out - by stooping for breadcrumbs, by tasting, and seeing that you are good.

I'll follow your path of tiny treasures while believing that one day I'll find a feast!

And there you'll be -


And smiling for me.

Then I'll be able to see how all along you were calling me. Calling in the sunset, calling in the garden, calling in the eyes of the one to whom I said, "I do."

And I'll see the grand theme of your love for me.

Until then, I'll pick up breadcrumbs and feast on whatever morsel you choose to give.

Jesus said, "It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4

Photo from personal collection of our family trip to CA, 2018

Beloved Friends, we are so much more than what we see. There is much more around us and available to us than we realize. There is food that gives everlasting life, food that satisfies deep hunger, food that multiplies enough to share. This bread comes from the Father and is available each and every day if we will only not pass it over as something small and insignificant. As we walk with the One who saved us and trust that He cares for us and loves us best, let's pick up what He provides and with faith believe that He is good, that He knows, and that He is with us.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Things to Think On -

What has God given you today? Is it enough? (Do you think He would provide anything less for the ones He loves?)

Perhaps He is speaking through His Word, through one of His children, or in some other creative, whispered way.

What word has God spoken to you - about you? And in what way is He leading you to go?

Let's pick up and eat of this daily bread that God gives and cherish the words that come out of His mouth - given directly to you and me from heaven. Let's taste and see that God is good and that what He provides is more than enough.


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