your Restoration awaits!

Now, more than ever, we need to know who we are. We need to know how to know God intimately and enjoy the peace and security that comes from being known by Him.
To stand strong against the challenges of the day, we need to be built upon Christ, mature and empowered, ever connected to Him. We need to walk daily, hourly, even moment by moment as daughters and sons who are uniquely loved by the Living King.
Then we can find and fulfill the work that He's designed for us to do.

Now is the time!

Becoming Living Stones holds my story of brokenness and fear, and the beauty and triumph of Christ's redemption. 

Offered as a gift, this message is a pathway showing the steps to deep heart healing and a rediscovering of the original you.

Freed from the build-up of pain and by-products of fear and insecurity, you too will be empowered to become a living stone as you take hold of the truths that are offered within.

"Come and be his 'living stones' who are continually being assembled

into a sanctuary for God."

- 1 Peter 2:5, TPT