Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, Becoming Living Stones author Denae Haas gained a broad knowledge of Scripture and its interpretation. Knowledge and understanding without relationship, though, is ineffective. It lacks life.
When Denae’s knowledge of God, of the Holy Spirit, became relational—experiential—a greater bond formed and new life blossomed. When her belief in God collided with doubt, a faith struggle began. Here the Holy Spirit began to cultivate experiential knowledge of His presence, His love, and the ability to truly know His constant transformative working in our lives.

In this groundbreaking book, readers both witness this transformation in Denae and are led into their own journey with God. A journey both rooted in Scripture and alive in the Spirit. The result is a deepening relationship with God, emerging from a broader understanding of God’s immense personal love for His children. Ultimately, this growing faith and relationship bring healing and restoration.

Denae’s experience of the Holy Spirit combined with knowledge is rich soil from which readers are drawn and invited to meditate and pray for their own transformation—for new life in the Spirit.

Becoming Living Stones: Come Alive to Who You Were Made to Be