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Highway of Light - A Vision

While in worship, I saw a vision of the pathway to life, like a highway of light leading all who believed in Jesus towards him. People were coming from every nation and direction, with varied stories and experiences, yet shared the same footpath. The King's bright face, flowing hair and robes filled the center sky. With arms outstretched, he was calling his people - Come! His face was smiling vibrant and filled with joy! Each one in the great crowd found strength of hope and determination within the light of his face.

The grounds were wooded on either side of the pathway, giving shade when rest was required. Some were there, lying on the ground wounded and weary. Unable to carry on for a time, they found refuge in the trees and respite in the care of friends. Every face still sought the King's and found it above and beside.

Although their feet were paused, the weary miraculously continued to move forward. It was nothing of their own doing, but rather, a generous and supernatural gift. In their state of obedient rest, they continued to advance. No ground, no time, absolutely nothing was lost in the process of recuperation.

In the times when we can do nothing but pull aside and hope for healing, we are still advancing towards the King! Not because our legs are moving, but rather because our eyes and our hope are set on him. Lovers of God, lovers of light, in complete reliance on his face and grateful for the hands tending our wounds and feeding our souls, let's remember. Let us remember that advancement is taking place as we lay down in humility and rest in our healing. In these, our frailest of moments, the Spirit of the King is not idle. He is supernaturally drawing us ever closer to himself, the One we love, the One who loves us best.

Whether walking on the highway of light, or resting in the shade of the woods, our paths are being made straight. We are progressing. Focus on the face, trust in his light, recognize him in the face of friends, and continue to advance towards him, and ever hope for the coming and perfect day!

"But the lovers of God walk on the highway of light, and their way shines brighter and brighter until they bring forth the perfect day." (Proverbs 4:18 TPT)

Sunset in Sequoia National Park, CA, 2018

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Wendy Griffin
Wendy Griffin
04 Σεπ 2019

Thank you Denae! Just what I needed to hear today. Beautiful!

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