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Home – A City on a Hill

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael violently blew through our community in the Florida Panhandle on October 10th, leaving massive destruction where we lived, worked, attended school, & worshiped.

Processing through a range of emotions – sadness, appreciation, guilt, frustration, tenderness, and love, I sat down to write.  I hope my heart’s response brings you hope and determination to keep going, in whatever trial you are walking through.  (See end of post for info on receiving or giving help.)

Home – A City on a Hill

By Denae Haas

Walking through a forest

In unfamiliar land

Many trees look alike –

How do we find the way home?

God, help us to find Your hand

As we walk through this barren place.

Show us something

More than the broken trees.

Remind us to see the flowers –

The purples, yellows, greens,

Waiting to be discovered,

Yearning to be seen.

The King, He goes before us

Marks the path & says,

“I know where you’re going

And what I want you to pick up along the way.”

Pieces of stone in our pockets,

To mark this holy ground.

We will remember what we’ve seen,

But we won’t stay the same.

A coming together

With lines of distinction blurred.

One hand giving to another,

And receiving in turn.

Perhaps some of our story

Includes a rebuilding,

A making of something new –

Like a city on a hill.

Listen for the word on the wind,

Wait to hear the way.

Pick up the flowers in the in-between,

Soft towards each other, tender towards the King.

For He knows the way

And home is in the distance.

Let’s mark this day with resolve –

For light, it shines brightly, and it’s burning within us all!

Our family owns a youth camp, Laguna Beach Christian Retreat,on the west end of Panama City Beach.  We have partnered with Eight Days of Hope to bring relief to our community. Click the Eight Days link to help.  

If you or someone you know needs help with housing, we are offering heavily discounted rates and are also FEMA approved.  Call our office for more info at (850)234-2502.  

Sending Much Love, Hope, & Prayers for Restoration, Denae


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