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Hope for Our Nation - It's up to You and Me

Transformation - real change - in our Nation starts with me and it starts with you.

It takes place every time we choose to allow Jesus to be LORD.

When Jesus is truly LORD, He is in charge. He directs our lives and leads the way. When Jesus is LORD, we let go of being in control. We release the expectation to understand everything. We lay down what we think we want and we trust Him to know what's best.

Under the lordship of Jesus is a safe place to live. He loves us best and knows us better than anyone. When Jesus is LORD, He is our shelter. He is our provision. He is our defense.

When Jesus is LORD He changes everything.

We get to know Him, truly, and can't help but fall in love with Him. We learn to love Him with all that we are. We begin to care about what He cares about and want what He wants. Surrendered, He helps us to trust Him with more and more and more of our lives.

Loving Jesus this way changes everything. Like a running river, love and truth will naturally roll into our close relationships, our families and our friends. Its waves will extend to everyone we meet, and help us to lay ourselves down, to choose humility, and do the right thing.

Making Jesus LORD is what changes us.

It is what changes our families.

Making Jesus LORD is what will change America.

We need to decide in our hearts and then open our mouths and declare that Jesus is Lord! Let's see what miracles God will perform in our own relationships and circumstances when we choose to let Him lead.

Let's see what shifts in our nation as we declare that America is a land full of people that love and honor the Lord, as we submit to God in the quiet of our own homes and in the intimacy of our own hearts.

In Matthew 16, Jesus asked His disciples who people were saying that He was. Some thought He was John, others thought that perhaps Elijah had returned, or maybe Jeremiah. Many thought, at the least, that He was some sort of prophet. But then Jesus turned to His friends and asked, "But you-who do you say that I am?" (v.15)

Peter responded, "You are the Anointed One, the Son of the living God!" (16) And Peter was right! God the Father had revealed who Jesus truly was to Peter. Listen to some of Jesus' response:

"And this truth of who I am will be the bedrock foundation on which I will build my church - my legislative assembly, and the power of death will not be able to overpower it!
I will give you the keys of heaven's kingdom realm to forbid on earth that which is forbidden in heaven, and to release on earth that which is released in heaven."
~Matthew 16:18-19, TPT

Jesus is building His church. That's you and that's me! And He's building us on the truth of who He is. To be built up strong and complete, we must acknowledge Jesus as LORD in every area. We must surrender every part of our lives into His hands. Fully surrendered is where Jesus is LORD. It's where our lives are changed, our families are changed, and our Nation is transformed!


Picture Jesus asking you - "Who do you say that I am?"

Is there an area of your heart (perhaps a relationship, a belief about God, or yourself, or a stubbornness of your own will) in which you need to allow Jesus to be LORD?

Or, do you need to step down from living as the lord of your own life? If so, ask the Father to reveal to you the truth of who Jesus is. (then listen)

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you anything hidden that He wants to address. (you may want to journal what He says)

Prayer and Declaration:

Pray with me...

We honor You, Lord Jesus.

We honor You as holding the highest place.

All dominion is Yours.

All authority is Yours.

I am under Your rule.

Your hand holds me secure.

Your strong arm leads me in the way that You want me to go.

My eyes are on You, Jesus.

There is only one You!

You are the Way, the Truth, the Life.

I live because You've given me life.

With my heart filled with awe and thanks and holy fear of You - God of All, I choose to believe in You and I live for You.

Holy Holy Holy are You, Lord!

I bless Your name.

I want to be a blessing in Your name today - starting in my home and extending to everyone I meet.

Have Your way today, O Lord.

I'm sorry for the wrong I've done.

Please redeem it and make wrong things right.

Lead me.

Make me and mold me into Your design.

Show me the way to walk.

All in Your name, Jesus.

All for Your honor and for Your glory.



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