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The Power of One Life

I just celebrated my 50th birthday!

And it's got me thinking about life - the gift that it is, and how we get to choose what we do with what we've been given.

To celebrate, we had a 'Shine' party where I asked everybody to wear yellow, and come over over to celebrate life, love, and friendship. I also took the opportunity to share about a dream that the Lord gave me, and I'd love to share the message with you too, to really encourage us all to shine!

In the dream, I'm hearing and feeling the words: the power of one life...

And I keep hearing - the power of one life. Feeling the force of energy behind the line made my heartbeat quicken.

Again it came: The power of one life.

I'm seeing colors flashing and peoples of colors come before my eyes, and I'm sensing such purpose in the colors, the skin tones, the family groups, the history - all designed and given by God with meaning, for purpose.

I see a crowd, but one tan-colored, joy-filled smiling face comes into focus, and again I hear - the power of one life.

I sense the power behind the words. It is weighty, heavy and full of meaning; it's the potential of power that God has placed within each one of us - inside of you and me.

God could demand that we give Him glory with our lives. He could demand that we do any certain thing. He could require us to fall face-first in the dust before Him and worship Him like a worm.

But He doesn't demand. He gives us power to choose. He gives us freedom. He gives to you and me - the power of one life.

It's staggering.

With this power in mind, consider these words of Jesus:

You, beloved, are the salt of the earth. But if salt becomes bland and loses its saltiness, can anything make it salty again? No. It is useless. It is tossed out, thrown away, or trampled.
And you, beloved, are the light of the world. A city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden. Similarly it would be silly to light a lamp and then hide it under a bowl. When someone lights a lamp, she puts it on a table or a desk or a chair, and the light illumines the entire house. You are like that illuminating light. Let your light shine everywhere you go, that you may illumine creation, so men and women everywhere may see your good actions, may see creation at its fullest, may see your devotion to Me, and may turn and praise your Father in heaven because of it.
- Matthew 6:13-16 (The Voice)

You and I are Light!

What will we do with the potential of the power of one life that we have been given?

Will we choose to submit to the One who made us and allow Him to determine our destiny, will we fulfill the dreams of His heart? Will we walk with an appreciation for where we've come from and what we carry, and fulfill our purpose of serving the One who's given us life? Will we be flavorful, set-apart ones who influence the world with the tangible life-giving things of heaven? Will we realize the potential of the power of God that He has placed within this one life?

As for me, I say yes! Yes to submitting, to being set-apart, and to realizing the God-given power within.

And I pray for you to say yes, too!

Because together, we shine more colorfully, more beautifully, more boldly and brightly than we ever would alone.

Let's Pray


Please forgive me for devaluing the life that You have given and the power that You've placed inside. Forgive me for holding back on who You made me to be. Help me do what You've designed me to do.

God, I am Your child, so I am light - it is my joy to shine in You and for You.

Help me to realize the power that You've placed inside and help me use it for You -

In love for You, and all for Your glory!

In the name of Jesus,



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