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This Glorious New Day

I'm catching a glimpse of the golden light

On the other side of this long, dark night.

It's still early on, but I remember the first taste

Of something better coming.

Perhaps the dark just makes the light

That much more beautiful.

Like a wave slowly rolling in,

Hope is returning the brightness of a promise.

I feel it in my being and believe it will be true.

The night is finally drawing to a close -

Like the last moment when the orange globe

Disappears into the sea.

This long night is over.

A new day is dawning, emerging before my eyes.

It holds my promise - my purpose.

Like hands filled with goodness, kindness, mercy,

This new day beckons me to step in and receive.

I feel the morning sun as I press in -

Warm on my skin.

The promise is seeping in As I'm starting to believe.

My mind is renewing

As memories wash away.

And the true me remains -

Stronger now, in the truth of the light.

Here comes healing, restoring, refreshing,

Soothing like a heavenly balm.

Deep darkness is here no more.

I have welcomed in the morning!

I'm stepping into this Glorious New Day!

1 Comment

Dear Denae: This poem about the glorious new day is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. It perfectly describes the place God’s brought me to, one year after the hurricane. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Lots and lots of love, Margi

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