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Bursting Through the Lie of Alone

By Denae Haas

Pulled away - into atmosphere, cosmos of darkness.

There is only one there, only me, suspended in quiet.

Fear of imminent emptiness creeps in.

And I hear, "Look for Me."

Just as quick, a smoldering spark within grows into flame.


Exploding from the inside, traveling out, Light beams.

The One bursting forth reminds me - I am never truly alone.

Where can I go from your presence?

Where would I go that would be away from You?

There is no such place.

For to You, the night shines as bright as the day.

Even in emptiness, when there's a pulling of me - away,

into the unknown places, into the depth of myself.

Going there can feel so alone.

But there, in the darkest cosmos - in chasm of space and being,

tucked within an unknown nook of time,

there I am and there You are.


Light bursting forth from within.

Never alone.

And the darkness, turns to joy, to light.

It cascades upwards, outwards, dancing,

exploding with truth and brilliance!

There's holiness in these empty spaces.

When pulled into these places,

Allow it to be;

Fall into it, care-free

And find what you're looking for,

Find the truth -

In the light and in the dark,

Presence is always bursting forth.


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