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It's Moving Day

Walking From Hope into Faith

Do you ever have a word or phrase that seems to show up over and over again, from every direction, everywhere you go?

Walking into the Light is what I'm seeing, hearing, feeling reverberating in my spirit. I can't shake it and I don't want to - it's the Lord speaking, showing me my next step in my walk with Him. Perhaps it's your next step, too.

Step with me, for a moment, into a vision that the Lord recently showed me in worship, to expand this message of moving into His Light...

I heard the Lord say, 'It's moving day.'

And in the Spirit, I saw the Father blow His breath into the room of my mind where I stood with boxes packed.

Boxes filled with old things: old experiences, old ways of thinking, old ways of living life.

It was a room of sorting and going through, and there was a time for that.

But now, now - it is moving day! Time to live outside of that room in my mind that kept me bound to the old ways of thinking, worrying, and living insecure.

No more - what will they think? Now it will be - God, what do You think?

I saw God blow me and those boxes out of that room, right into the light.

I tumbled out through the window. And knew I would never climb back in. Outside of that room of limitations, there's a path to follow.

He's calling me there.

He's calling you there.

Say 'yes!' with me!

Yes to the unknown, the new, to the end of sorting and going through those old, packed-up ways.

It's Moving Day.

A move from hoping in God and the dreams He's placed inside, to following Him in actual faith.

Look at this verse where we see Abraham's progression from just hoping in God to having a real faith that believes all that God says:

"Against the odds, Abraham's hope grew into full-fledged faith that he would turn out to be the father of many nations, just as God had promised when He said, 'That's how many your descendants will be.'"
-Romans 4:18, The Voice

Can you see it? Our hope can grow into faith!

On this new path that's shining golden, the Father is calling, 'Come. Come this way, come home.' This is the pathway to take and it holds peace. It holds delight, love, strength, and beauty. Hear Him say, 'Come, My beautiful ones. Walk into this light!'

Meditate -

Do you need the Father to blow you out of an old room, out of an old way of thinking that needs to come to an end?

Will you say yes to going a new way, to trying a new path, in faith?

With the Holy Spirit, ask the Lord: Is there a room, or way of thinking, that I need to move out of?

Prayer of Response -


I need Your help moving from my old ways into the new way of walking in Your light.

I'm ready to move. Blow me out of the old and into the new. I won't turn back! I'm following You!

Show me Your Son, Your Light - shining. Enable me to walk the path that You've set before me. Help my hope grow into real faith.

God, I trust in You and thank You, for today is my moving day!

I pray in Jesus' name.


The darkness of night is dissolving as dawn's light draws near, so walk out on your old dark life and put on the armor of light."
Romans 13:12, The Voice

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Membro desconhecido
04 de jul. de 2022

Just discovered your website, Denae! I am almost through reading your book, which I got this past winter as a "winter guest." Love! Your "Moving Day" devotional was so well done....thank you for using your gifts for Kingdom purposes! xoxo Lynn Magie (from Michigan)

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