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Speak to me in a whisper

Beside the ocean, in a breeze

Or surrounded by the mountains

Or captured by the trees

Speak to me in the nighttime

Wake me in the quiet opened space

Or show me in the dreamworld

Mysteries to be traced

Speak to me through another

In a face made from your hands

Your eyes, let me see

As they help me understand

Speak to me through your Word

Mysteries whispered to mere mortal men

Words that pierce through bone and marrow

Like waves, let truth come crashing in

Speak to me in the prophetic

Direction like arrows sent from your lips

Lighting a change of course

As I navigate this sailing ship

Speak to me in a picture

Sacred secrets now coming clear

Moving in from a distance

Your creative Kingdom drawing near

Speak to me Spirit to spirit

Awaken me to your sound

Ever-present voice in the silence

You are always to be found

So speak, Lord, however you choose

My ears are tuned to hear

My eyes are open and watching, ready

For you Father, Son, and Spirit, to come near

2 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
03 ago 2019

Love this... so beautiful!

Me gusta

Wendy Griffin
Wendy Griffin
02 ago 2019

That is beautiful!

Me gusta
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